Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Review AND Giveaway

We've been *blogged* !!! We LOVE being reviewed and offering giveaways - it is really so much fun! So - here is another one....well not *here* but


Come on ladies (and some gents) - go there, comment and hope you win!!!

Isn't it GREAT :D

Good Luck everyone!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Well this giveaway was a blast! We had a great turnout - although not the 150 to double the prizes....but still great! What's even more exciting to us is the entries from those of you not living in either Canada or the USA. We had some entries from Malaysia (thanks to Aik for passing the word to her friends!!!), Australia, Brazil, and even Slovakia! How awesome is that!!!!

Here are the winners....we separated it into three categories - USA, Canada, and other. So there are 3 winners.....

From the USA: Carina Olsen

From Canada: Joan

From Everywhere else: Lilly (Brazil)

All winners will be notified and have 24 hours to respond with addresses (so items can be shipped and arrive in time).

Thanks for playing everyone!! Stay tuned for another great giveaway coming soon along with our new *and super exciting* announcement!

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Before we get to the *sale* - check out this post and enter our giveaway, ending Sunday night at 9pm.

And now......IT'S BACK! Our SALE section has been MIA for quite some time now and we've finally gotten it back up! More items than ever...better prices than ever...AAAAAAAND a coupon code to save you even MORE!!

Just enter CUTE15 to receive 15% more off your ENTIRE purchase - and yes, sale items are INCLUDED!!!! (It's best to enter the coupon code in the bottom left-hand space and THEN start purchasing. This will ensure the discount is applied to every item)

**are we jumping for joy yet**

Again - don't forget to enter THIS giveaway!! (all you have to do is comment to enter)

And stay tuned - we have some incredibly fabulous things planned!!! We are SO excited and can't wait to unveil them!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009



**IMPORTANT - We are EXTENDING this giveaway until Sunday June 7th at 9pm...more time to enter....keep passing the word!!!**

Yes, it's that time again! We LOVE doing giveaways....

This one is for those of you on both sides of the border! If you live elsewhere (ie not Canada or the US) please feel free to enter anyways and your prize will be arranged accordingly. We wanted to do this giveaway a little differently this time - as in, we wanted to make it easier. So, simply add a comment to this post stating either *Canada* or *United States* (or whatever country you are from if neither of these) and put your e-mail address (so we can contact you). THAT'S IT!!

One lucky winner from each side of the border will be chosen....and the best part is this - if we can get the comments up to 150 (or more) we will offer this prize to 4 more people - so a total of 6 (3 from each)!

Oh - I suppose you want to know what the prize is, don't you?? Well too bad *grin* You are just going to have to wait until it arrives at your door to find out. It will of course be hair accessories and they will be applicable to the upcoming holidays in July!

Well, what are you waiting for??? Get those comments in!

Giveaway closes Sunday June 7, 2009 at 900pm! It's a short one so the items can arrive in time!