Friday, August 21, 2009

Don't forget...

Don't forget to check out our giveaways blog - fabulous giveaways from some pretty awesome companies. A new one each week!!!

We are currently giving away a rashguard from Haiden Surf - a perfect addition to the swimwear wardrobe for the little men in our lives! Don't have boys - don't let that stop you....not only can your little girls wear them, but you can even keep it and give as a gift for a nephew, friend, or other relative!

Sooo fun!!!

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

A wee break...

For those of you who may not have received our newsletter this month (shame on you for not subscribing. *wink*) we are taking a bit of a break for the next few weeks. We will be closed until the first week of September. We are busy working to reorganize and restock and have more items *ready to ship* to help eliminate some longer wait times than we are happy with.

We are still around, so if there is something you would like or need in this time PLEASE let us know.

Any website orders during this time will be processed the first week of September!

For now...hop yourselves over to our giveaways blog and see what's happening there! We've had some awesome giveaways already and have even more to come. Next one is set for tomorrow - we can't wait!!! Spread the word and tell everyone to follow - we have some pretty great companies waiting in the wings for our followers to hit come on...LET'S PARTY!!!! :D

**also - stay tuned for another fabulous giveaway here...every girl needs bows for a new school year!!!**