Thursday, April 22, 2010

Princess Pettiskirts

Newborn sizes have been added - aren't they adorable!!! Check them out HERE

You will notice that shipping is included in the price. I will be switching over all items to this system in the coming weeks....for now though, if you order ONLY a pettiskirt the website will still charge you the set out shipping fee, which I assure will be immediately refunded back to your account (you will NOT be charged shipping twice for the same item). But if you order bows and such as well, all shipping costs will be in tact. I know, it sounds confusing - that is precisely why I'll be switching everything over to include shipping. I think it will just make it easier :)

So many new flowers, headbands, beanies, and bow holders (and more!!!) to come in the coming weeks! So stay tuned - there are a lot of plans in motion....


Friday, April 2, 2010


I've updated more bows on the site!!!! I'm not done yet and there are so many more new products to list - the next couple of weeks are going to be BUSY - but so fun too!

Thanks for all the support - I hope you enjoy a fabulous Easter with Family and Friends!