Friday, March 20, 2009

We have a winner!

Thanks everyone for your interest in this giveaway. The winner of the custom baby bracelet is........

Michele P. from Northeast Maine


Be sure to stop by soon for another great giveaway!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Another March Giveaway!!

This giveaway is now CLOSED.

So I guess we're a little addicted to giveaways around here. Our next giveaway is fabulous! We are giving away a custom bracelet!! You choose the design and it can even be personalized with the sterling silver letter beads. You can add a full name, initials, or whatever you want! If you don't like any of the bracelets you see, just email me and we can work something out so that you can have the perfect bracelet for your little one.

I only use the best materials: sterling silver beads and components, swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls, cat's eye beads, stainless steel coated beading wire, and quality glass beads (I say "quality" because some are not.....quality). The bracelets in the "clearance" section are there for a reason. I started with those beads but they do not last. I only want the best for my customers, so I'm getting rid of those. I also add a 1 inch extender chain so the bracelet will fit your little one for many years. Sizes range from newborn to 13 years. The sizes on our website are generally right, but all kids are different so I recommend measuring the wrist and adding 1/2" for wiggle room.

Here are the rules to win (you don't have to do everything...although we'd love it if you did!!):

Browse the website and comment on this post to let us know which bracelet you would choose if you won (you can change your mind later if you worries!) = 1 entry

For additional entries:
1. become a follower of our blog (click on the link on the right-side bar) = 1 entry

2. post about this specific giveaway on your blog/facebook/twitter/website = 1 entry

3. put a link to our blog or site on your blog or website = 1 entry

4. become a follower on twitter (click on the link on the right-side bar) = 1 entry

Wow, that seems like a better get busy!
You only need to comment once and just let us know what things you've done to earn extra entries.
Be sure to let us know your blog/site address so we can check out your posts.
If you already have become a follower or linked to us, no need to do it again, just let us know.

The contest will run until Friday at 9pm. Good luck!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fun with beads

I've been having some fun lately designing new bracelets and beaded clippies. I finally got them up on the website. Take a look! Just look in the New Items section to see what's new, or check out all of our bracelets and beaded clippies.

I made the June bracelet for my daughter, and my sister in law had me make similar ones for her 4 daughters. I think they turned out great. If you want other colours in this design let me know. I love doing custom orders.


Friday, March 13, 2009


Bet you all want to know if it's you... well this giveaway was fun - we are excited for the winner....not sure if it's for personal use or as a gift but either way, this adorable *ADORABLE* nursing cover is sure to find itself a lovely new home :)


NICOLE KABATOFF !!! You are the lucky winner of this fabulous giveaway!

Don't run away though if you didn't win this one - we will be having more a month at least, so definitely check back often! In fact, our next giveaway begins MONDAY!!

*see* you all then!

Nicole - just e-mail us your address and we'll get your nursing cover off to you!

Monday, March 9, 2009

It's time......for a GIVEAWAY!!!


Probably our favorite thing to stay tuned as there will be more and more giveaways to come. But right now, let's talk about THIS one!

It's nearly 9pm Monday night....this giveaway will be open until 9pm Friday night - so tell all your friends (in real life and in bloggerland) and let's get those entries in!!! Just comment here for one entry....put a link to our blog on your blog for an additional 3 entries (and send us the link)....and (just like last time) send us a photo (different than before if you sent one last time) of your little one wearing one of our products for an additional 5 entries. That's 9 possible entries in total!!

Brought to us by Michelle, owner of Peek a Boob Nursing Covers, this adorable *Razzle Dazzle* Nursing Cover! (click on the photo to see the pattern's soooo cute!) Perfect for yourself or to give as a gift! These peek a boob nursing covers are a HOT seller!!!
My name is Michelle and I am a first time mom and loving it. I am thrilled to be making a product I truly believe in. It will be the most essential item a nursing mother will ever have. It gives a new nursing mother confidence that she can peek at her nursing baby without giving everyone else a peek! Mothers that are already comfortable with nursing will be amazed at how much easier nursing with a cover is and will wish they had found them a lot sooner!

Thanks so much, Michelle for sponsoring this fun and fabulous giveaway! We can't wait to see who the lucky winner is!!! Check out more of Michelle's fabulous patterns at and on our site in the *out and about* section. (which you all should know by now! hehe)

Thanks for stopping by!!! Let's spread the word!!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ribbon Headbands and more...

We have finally added our ribbon headbands to the website! Aren't they fabulous!!! These headbands are adorable and completely adjustable so you can purchase one for your toddler and wear it yourself! Gotta love that!!!

We can't forget to give a shout out to Heather Ward Photography for providing us with these fabulous photos. Aren't they perfect!

Truthfully we should be giving a shout out to a few photographers, without whom we wouldn't have some of the adorable (ADORABLE) photos on our site. We have been incredibly blessed to benefit from their talents...THANK YOU LADIES!!!!

As mentioned, Heather Ward has provided us with these adorable Ribbon Headband photos. Her talent is obvious and incredible and she is as kind hearted and generous as they come. Check out more of her work at and

Our adorable Ribbon Belt photos come to us courtesy of Radelle Jensen, owner of Eternal Reflections Photography. We can't possibly say enough kind things about Radelle. She is fun and funny - and although her specialty is in weddings (she's also a romantic) her talent oozes into everything she does. Check out more of her work at and

And how could we forget Mandy Baker of Baker Photography - she provided us with lovely photos for the main page on our website. Always willing to try something new, Mandy is a blast to shoot with.
She is fun and calm and great at just going with the flow (even when my son BAWLED through a whole photo shoot *sigh*). Check out more of her work at

Truly all 3 of these photographers are amazing and kind and fun....and unique - that's why we love them!


We have had a small change - but a GREAT one!!! This month, in addition to our special 50% off feature product we are hosting TWO giveaways!! Yes, that's right - I said TWO!! Our first begins tomorrow (Monday) and our second begins the following Monday! So tell your friends...don't forget to follow us so you get our updates! We are so excited - we have so many awesome things in store....We LOVE doing what we do.

p.s. Our giveaway tomorrow is a perfect accessory for the nursing mother, new and experienced! Makes a great gift for a friend - or yourself :D

Monday, March 2, 2009

Let's Talk About March!

We have been really busy filling orders and making plans for the months ahead. Of special interest to you, we imagine, is what's happening in March!!

For starters - our coupon code CUTE10 is still activated - so take the opportunity to save, even on the clearance items! :D

Megan has been working hard to finish off our newsletter to give you all some updates on what we are working on. So for those of you who receive it, this might be a bit repetitive. She has also designed some even more stunning beaded clippies and bracelets which will be added to the website soon, so watch for those!

We are also working to get the canvas belts and ribbon headbands up on the site and ready to sell. We are THRILLED with them and are so excited to put them on the site. Watch for those by the 10th!

There is also going to be a *one week special* where a certain item will be available to you for 50% off the original price. Yes, that's right... FIFTY PERCENT OFF!!! You really can't beat that! There is one small catch though - (sorry...) - you need to subscribe to our newsletter (leave your e-mail in the comments section and we'll add you to the list) to find out the details of this promotion.

And of course - there will be another giveaway! Watch for that on the 11th...and every month afterwards. We had so much fun with the giveaway we just have to do it again...and again...and again..*you get the picture*

We are also sponsoring giveaways on 3 other sites, so as details become available we will let you know how you can enter. It's an awesome way to win some great stuff!

And last, but definitely not least, don't forget to *follow* this blog so you can receive our updates.

Thank you all so much for your support and compliments! We LOVE what we do and look forward to making and providing some of the cutest accessories for your little ones. If you have an idea for something you'd like us to carry, please let us know! We are always looking for something new and fun!

Enjoy your week! We'll update again soon!!!