Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ribbon Headbands and more...

We have finally added our ribbon headbands to the website! Aren't they fabulous!!! These headbands are adorable and completely adjustable so you can purchase one for your toddler and wear it yourself! Gotta love that!!!

We can't forget to give a shout out to Heather Ward Photography for providing us with these fabulous photos. Aren't they perfect!

Truthfully we should be giving a shout out to a few photographers, without whom we wouldn't have some of the adorable (ADORABLE) photos on our site. We have been incredibly blessed to benefit from their talents...THANK YOU LADIES!!!!

As mentioned, Heather Ward has provided us with these adorable Ribbon Headband photos. Her talent is obvious and incredible and she is as kind hearted and generous as they come. Check out more of her work at and

Our adorable Ribbon Belt photos come to us courtesy of Radelle Jensen, owner of Eternal Reflections Photography. We can't possibly say enough kind things about Radelle. She is fun and funny - and although her specialty is in weddings (she's also a romantic) her talent oozes into everything she does. Check out more of her work at and

And how could we forget Mandy Baker of Baker Photography - she provided us with lovely photos for the main page on our website. Always willing to try something new, Mandy is a blast to shoot with.
She is fun and calm and great at just going with the flow (even when my son BAWLED through a whole photo shoot *sigh*). Check out more of her work at

Truly all 3 of these photographers are amazing and kind and fun....and unique - that's why we love them!


We have had a small change - but a GREAT one!!! This month, in addition to our special 50% off feature product we are hosting TWO giveaways!! Yes, that's right - I said TWO!! Our first begins tomorrow (Monday) and our second begins the following Monday! So tell your friends...don't forget to follow us so you get our updates! We are so excited - we have so many awesome things in store....We LOVE doing what we do.

p.s. Our giveaway tomorrow is a perfect accessory for the nursing mother, new and experienced! Makes a great gift for a friend - or yourself :D

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