Tuesday, September 8, 2009


After taking a few weeks off to reorganize and restock, we are back. We are still waiting for some items to arrive and are busy continuing to organize and get listings up on the website. But we are open for orders - stay tuned though as we add our *ready to ship* items to the site. We are working hard to make all items on our site *ready to ship* so there will be little to no wait time for your orders (except custom orders of course....but the turnaround will be even faster for those as we won't be tied up with other orders!). *yipee*

We will of course also be having a bit of a sale (okay maybe a big one. LOL) to move along some stock still making a home here - we LOVE a sale!

And of course, don't forget to check out our giveaways blog....the most fabulous review and giveaway will be posted later this evening. We promise you won't want to miss it! Don't forget to tell your friends - the more the merrier!!! And the more followers we have, the more awesome companies we'll have sponsoring these fabulous giveaways!

*See* you around!!!