Friday, March 13, 2009


Bet you all want to know if it's you... well this giveaway was fun - we are excited for the winner....not sure if it's for personal use or as a gift but either way, this adorable *ADORABLE* nursing cover is sure to find itself a lovely new home :)


NICOLE KABATOFF !!! You are the lucky winner of this fabulous giveaway!

Don't run away though if you didn't win this one - we will be having more a month at least, so definitely check back often! In fact, our next giveaway begins MONDAY!!

*see* you all then!

Nicole - just e-mail us your address and we'll get your nursing cover off to you!


Angie Higa said...

Congratulations Nicole (but RATS!). Thanks for a fun post :)

Hailey said...

There are more to come, definitely enter those!

And thanks for the awesome blog post!! It was fabulous and really great of you to do that!

Sorry you didn't win :(

The Jensens said...

no fair! :( (just kidding!!) although i would have loved that nursing cover...:)