Monday, July 13, 2009

The Winner..S :)

You know - we didn't hit even 25 followers on our giveaways blog, but that's okay. We're confident it will pick up - there are so many awesome companies participating, offering some awesome items. But we wanted to show our appreciation to those of you who did follow and show your support - so we are offering THREE $10 gift certificates for our website.

Here you go - the winners...

1. Carmen Lowry
2. Jennifer Meyer
3. Aik

Winners have 48 hours to respond - after which a new winner will be chosen! Thanks for support - and don't forget to enter the first official giveaway HERE - and spread the word!

1 comment:

The Lowry's said...

Hi I don't know if this is how I respond, so let me know....
My email is
I can give your more info once you email me. Wow, I have never won anything yet in a giveaway etc. Kindave fun. Thanks!!!