Monday, November 30, 2009

There is no team in I...

Yes it's true....I am flying solo again. In an attempt to simplify her life, Megan has decided to step down from Cute Like Me, as well as our Giveaways blog. We all know how busy life can get - and with a 4 year old and 2 year old twins, I'm sure we can imagine all the things requiring Megan's time and attention. Sometimes we need to step back and re-evaluate....reconsider what things are the most important as well as the most fun. It's no lie when I say I am going to miss her - it's always nice to have someone you can work together with, bounce ideas off of , who has the same interest invested as you do. But it's not worth it if you no longer share that same passion....or enjoyment. And feeling like it is worth your time. So, thanks for all your hard work Megan! She really is rather amazing and has picked up the pieces and stepped up when we needed her to (like when our web designer went MIA halfway through - Megan finished it!). She found time to do things when I would have though I didn't have any - she inspires me to do more, to do better. And I am grateful to have had her as a partner for the past 4 years.

I do have great things planned for the website as well as the giveaways blog and I am so grateful for all of you who are along for the ride. I assure you it's going to be GREAT!

I, too have done my share of simplifying in the past few months....and the website will become a nice reflection of that in the new year. There are of course other priorities and obligations to fulfill, but I can't lie - I LOVE what I do. I LOVE having this website and providing adorable, quality accessories at affordable prices. I love discovering new items - it's a natural high - and passing along what I've learned along the way. I think the reviews and giveaways blog was one of my best ideas yet - and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be in contact with so many great companies and people, and to promote some really awesome products. I love that I can involve my kids in all aspects of the business - and am grateful they are so accommodating and patient. It has to be said - I have a pretty incredible husband too. He makes everything more fun, more funny, and more achievable. I heart him.

Thanks for all the support! Don't forget to check out the website for sale items and stock up for christmas! I have just placed the remaining aprons and felt food on sale - up to 50% off!!! So check them out! Also coming this week are soother clips - I am CLEARING them out! Watch for them by Friday!!!!

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