Monday, December 7, 2009

Teacher Gifts Anyone??

It's that time of year again....all of us with kids in school or other activities, trying to find the perfect teacher gift. It's nice to give something useful and fun....without breaking the bank. I plan every year to get my act together and really  get something great made up for the teachers but somehow it doesn't *really* hit me until about now - the second week of December, when Christmas break is just around the corner. *ack*

Luckily, I know a fabulous lady with a fabulous blog (you thought I was going to promote my website didn't you?? Well, why not? Check it out HERE if you'd like - you just might find something fab) - She is seriously a crafter extraordinaire and I love checking out her latest projects and ideas. She's a doer....she doesn't just talk about wanting to do things, she does them...and then (lucky for me) blogs about it. So check out her blog HERE or to jump right to her latest *teacher gift* post you can go HERE. She has all of her posts organized by subject on the left hand side of the page - so feel free to browse around...try a few things....I know I have a few of her items on my *to do* list...

Have fun!!!

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