Sunday, February 14, 2010

Upcoming Sale

Just sending out a little note that we will be at the Lethbridge *Garage Sale* on Saturday February 20th from 9-1pm at the Exhibition Center (not surprisingly I can't remember if it's the main or west pavilion....I'll get back on that one). So come and check us out....

We have a huge stock of beanies (infant and toddler) just waiting for good homes - $5 each!! All of our bows are $2 each, and all clippies (embellished and simple) are $1. So stop by our booth and take a peek - stock up on hair goodies for your sweetie or to top off birthday and other presents coming up this year.

Oh and how could I forget....

 Take a moment and hug someone you love! After all, it's not a day just for those *in dating/marriage relationships* - it's about everyone and anyone that has someone to love. It's about *RELATIONSHIPS* and *LOVE* share some and enjoy your day! (and yes, YOU count too!!!)

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