Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Okay well it's not entirely true....but I have taken additional shipping off of the site and included shipping in the prices. This is actually excellent news to be honest as it will make everything easier - especially for you. Now you don't have to worry when you are shopping how much shipping costs will add to your final bill. The price is what it is....and while it may look like prices have increased (in truth, some have) for the majority of items it's simply because shipping is now included. If you are worried about overpaying on shipping now, keep in mind that for me to send a bow - ONE BOW - in a small box is at minimum $7 in shipping (I know, shipping from Canada is insane).

One other benefit from this method is that you can purchase one specific item (bracelet, belt, or soother clip for example) and avoid paying the pre-determined $5 shipping fee (when it doesn't cost nearly that) - though for obvious reasons I hope you get caught up in the online shopping experience and fill your cart up with lots of wonder things. *grin*

Also, since this is the *new* thing, I'm going to be eliminating the *free shipping on orders over $100* offer - HOWEVER  there will, of course, be something fabulous in its place! So those of you who have benefited from this offer, rest assured there will still be a perk!

I am also going to be adding new flowers and headbands to the site this week, so watch for those. 

And just because this little sweetie makes me smile - I'll leave you with a photo of our new kitten. We found her in the bush in our backyard a few days ago and we LOVE her. Our other cat, not so much....though they look strangely identical. hmmmm...(except Mr. Bella's fixed....or so the vet says. lol). Her name is Candy

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