Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Seriously still in shock!!! But here we go...time to enter the numbers into our handy random number generator and find these prizes a home :D

For the adorable Christmas onesie and matching bows, the *new* winner is...


And for the option of either a ribbon headband (a definite hot seller!) or a 6 loop petite bow, the *new* winners are:

*Heather* and
Skye Curtis

If I don't hear from you all in the next day I'll be sending out e-mails. If items still aren't claimed - we'll set them aside for another giveaway :D

In addition - keep your eye out for a brand new giveaway. We're coming up with some pretty fabulous for May!

Aaaaand...check out this website for more great giveaways, including one we are sponsoring! Don't forget to enter to win!!!!

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