Friday, May 15, 2009


Before I get to the unveiling of our new (and FABULOUS) product for mom...check out this post and enter our latest giveaway (or just scroll down - it's the post right after this one!)

INTRODUCING....our newest accessory!!! Something for mom - a fun and fashionable way to keep time on your side (or try to anyways).

I personally have 3 of these and LOVE them! I don't normally even wear watches (I don't have *wrist hips* so they usually look funny) but these are my new addiction. A great way to add some bling, or just some colour to help brighten up your look...and in my case, mood! :D

AND at just $15 each - pretty much everyone can afford to buy at least one (or two. lol)! So check them out! We currently only have 1 of each style available but plan to bring in more soon. Hopefully these will tide you over until then!

**Wrist hips - my friends laugh at me every time I bring it up...basically I don't really have nice skinny wrists - it's more straight from my forearm to my hand. No little indent *waist* and therefore, no *hips*. Just in case you needed an explanation....**


Hillyers said...

Yeah!! I'm so happy we have these now. I need to get some too Hailey!

Onofrychuk Family said...

I love these, and may have to get a few!!