Saturday, April 11, 2009


This is the best part!! In total, including obviously the comments on here and the orders we've received and their coordinating entry amounts - we had 109 entries in total! WOW! The best part is we don't just have ONE winner...we have SIX!! So let's get started! As always our winners are chosen using the handy little random number generator on our blog - I assign each of you ticket numbers based on the amount of entries you had - and away I go!

The Grand Prize winner is.....(ooo the anticipation...aren't you glad we don't have commercial breaks like American idol....although maybe this rambling is getting equally as

Hilary (that's all we know about hopefully you recognize your name. LOL) - the great thing about this too is that I completely forgot to mention in the original giveaway post that the onesie prize comes with a set of 4 loop petite bows (you can get matching ribbon to the bow on the onesie if you want) in your choice of ribbon!

And for the 5 runners up, here you are:

1. Change4Africa
2. RubyMoon
3. Jennifer Burton
4. Skye Varty
5. DeAnna Gallardo

Please e-mail us and let us know if you would prefer a ribbon headband or a 6 loop petite bow and of course the ribbon you would like!

CONGRATS TO ALL!!! Keep checking back - more news and giveaways are on their way!!!


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