Friday, April 3, 2009

Let's Cook!

Okay - I know this has nothing to do with accessories for kids but I wanted to pass along one of my other passions - cooking! I love it...I love being in the kitchen and spend about 80% of my home time in it (I can't say my husband minds! lol). Case in point - I'm not much of a skiier or snowboarder and consider myself more of a *lodge bunny* if I'm being honest. When I think of a day at the hill I picture everyone out snowboarding and me back in the lodge fixing the grub! I love cooking for friends and family and love trying new things. I'm also a big fan of finding recipes that are easy to make and don't have to be stressful. So, I decided to start a cooking blog...I'm blogging all my existing recipes as well as new ones I am trying.

Come check it out...become a follower...and feel free to send in your own recipes (tried or otherwise) so I can add to the *portfolio*!

Okay - now I seriously need to get back to my menu planning for the month...I'm in desperate need of groceries and some new recipes!

Thanks for letting me sneak this moment :)


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