Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I just want to say thank you....

I just wanted to take a few minutes and thank all of our wonderful customers. :) Particularly those most recently who have had a longer wait time for their orders than we are comfortable with. This is not indicative of how we do business and I hope we (I) have not tainted your view of our company.
Some of you know that my father in law passed away unexpectedly at the end of March. For obvious reasons (funeral plans, etc.) we were away from home for the week following. This week away put me behind schedule and when I returned home I had to play some serious games of *catch up* with orders placed before then, during, and the days and weeks that followed. Our typical turnaround time is 2 weeks - some orders go out in a couple of days, but others have run into some stock issues, etc. In addition to this I was busy getting ready for the Lethbridge Garage Sale (see last post), which thankfully, because I was mainly clearing out some stock, required little additional effort/creating time. Thank heavens for that.

It has been a month since my father in law passed away, and I am just now finally feeling caught up. The only orders still waiting to go out are ones that have been placed in the last week and are just about complete. This is a great feeling - there is nothing worse than feeling overwhelmed and behind, and as though you are disappointing your customers. I am so sorry - seriously sorry.

And thank you so much for being so patient and understanding. Please know how much I appreciate it and how much I want your items and orders to be perfect and timely. I'm back...I'm on it....and I'm better than ever :D

Thanks a million - you're all pretty darn fab :)

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