Sunday, April 12, 2009

We want to hear from you....

First - scroll down to see if you are one of the winners from our giveaway! We're still waiting to hear back from 4 of you to know where to send the let us know!!!

Megan found this lovely little site that you can post businesses on for feedback - essentially from strangers. It's really a nice idea and a great way to get some feedback. It's nice to know what people think when they browse our website, in addition to helping promote our site by having them visit it. (You have to visit the site in order to comment).

So, in addition to addressing a few of the comments left, I want to invite all of you to sign up (it takes only a few minutes) and leave a comment with your feedback. There is no way for us to know who you are, so if you want it to be pretty anonymous choose your screen name accordingly :)

Aside from the positive feedback we've received through here, which we are of course THRILLED about - we want to address some of the less than *ecstatic* comments. Perhaps there are more of you feeling this way.

Leaving items on the website that are out of stock: There is a method to this madness I promise! Although it never occurred to us to be madness - there are a few things we can no longer get which definitely need to be removed. But for the items we are simply *out of* - we leave them on the site for a few reasons: Some customers like to see what others are buying, Some customers want to place an order but realize they prefer an out of stock item better than something currently in stock so they contact us, or perhaps just wait until the item becomes available online again. Some items we have coming in the mail but don't want to update our status until we physically have the items (we've had issues with mailmen adopting our items for themselves, as well as other mail getting lost - well *lost*). And last, but certainly not least - it helps keep us more organized. Keeping a quantity of stock is sooo helpful and lets us know what items we are running low on and which to order next. If we are out of stock of something but have only sold 1 in the past few months, we may hold off for a little while on ordering more in. But we want to keep it on the website because ultimately the item is still available. We have an agreement with our suppliers to allow us to order piece by piece, so we are not always having to do bulk orders! Okay - hopefully that makes sense. :)

Shipping - We were happy to see a few people comment on how the shipping prices were reasonable. We are so relieved to read this - it was such a task to figure out what we wanted shipping to be. We don't believe in paying ridiculous handling fees (if any) but also ran into the problem of the difference in shipping for a bracelet or a set of bows - bows almost always need to be shipped in a box to keep their shape whereas a bracelet can be shipped in a simple envelope. But there really wasn't a way to organize this to accomodate the different scenarios. So we came up with what we felt was the most fair. Hopefully you agree!

It wasn't mentioned in this particular review - but we also want to address why we carry holiday items all year round. We are slowly but surely getting our holiday selections up and running. Hopefully by the end of this year (before Christmas) we'll be ahead of the game and be able to offer you all the fun christmas items BEFORE Christmas. LOL One of the reasons we offer our holiday items all year round is to help you, as the customer, benefit from the free shipping over $100 offer. If you can take advantage of the offer by planning ahead and buying a few things for the upcoming holidays - we want you to be able to do that. Then you are't putting in a few little orders throughout the year (not that we mind at all!) but rather you can put in one larger order and receive free shipping!

It was also mentioned that we have such a small selection for boys. WE KNOW! We are searching high and low for more and more boy items. With both of us having boys, we understand the need for more adorable boy accessories. We are on the hunt, don't you worry...and hopefully we can add more and more items for your boys! The Canvas belts will help with this - at least adding one more item to the list, but still - we are working to add more! If you know of anything that's a *must have* let us know - we love finding new things and are always looking to expand!

A few people commented that our site didn't have anything unique. I guess this really just comes down to where you are from and what you have around you. In some areas, all of these items are already available, so no - our site would not be considered *unique*. However, there are so many areas where these items are not available and having access to them (particularly in Canadian dollars) is really a great thing! The crafting world is really picking up and there are more and more women and moms creating new items - it's a really fun thing for us to be able to offer a *one stop shop* of sorts, where you can find something fun and even unique.

Some of our items are a little on the high end for pricing. It's true - some are. But rest assured the prices of items we bring in from suppliers are the same retail prices they use - so know that we aren't price hiking in any way. We account for the exchange in our prices though - so it will appear to be a bit different, but it's simply the CAD/USD difference. As for the items we make ourselves - we are also not hiking the prices up. Of course every business has the goal of making of profit, and ours is no different....but our whole purpose is to offer these fun and unique items at affordable prices. Not everyone can or wants to pay high end boutique prices - and we didn't want to just cater to those that can and do....We offer high quality boutique items for affordable (not boutique) prices!
And we almost always have a coupon code offering a discount, which also helps! (who doesn't love a coupon code!!)

All in all, we are working hard to bring you the very best and the most reasonable prices! We LOVE what we do and the opportunities this brings us. We have met some incredible and talented people along the way - it's such a great network to be a part of. We love getting your orders and find great satisfaction in hearing how much you love the items!

Thank you for supporting us...and please, if you have any questions - ask away! If you see something we are out of, contact us and we can arrange to have that item brought in for you (at no extra cost!!). Or if you want something that we don't currently carry, please let us know - we LOVE expanding.

Thanks again everyone!!! We wouldn't be here without all of you! Stay tuned for more news and fabulous giveaways!!!

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Debra said...

Well said :) It's nice to know that you read your comments and take your customers' comments seriously. Love the site and can't wait to get my products :)