Saturday, April 25, 2009

In true garage sale style...

We had a sale!!! Twice a year Lethbridge does a *giant garage sale* which if you ask me, is the most brilliant idea ever. The table costs are low and it's a great way to do a lot of shopping at once and waaaaay more convenient than driving through the city trying to find the best ones, nevermind lugging your kids in and out (and in my case, trying to keep them from playing with every item, toy or not). This was our third time participating and what we know is that few people go to a garage sale looking for full priced items, so we thought we'd join in the *garage sale* feeling and have a huge sale!
It was a great opportunity for us to clear out some stock (thus making room for more new and exciting items) and give you all an even better deal! We had so much fun and it was a huge success

We had a lot of great people purchasing Cute Like Me accessories for their little ones or as gifts; it was so fun to chat with you all and help you find those perfect items!

To keep costs low, making it even easier to offer these great prices, we ditched the bow cards and bow sets and just kept everything really simple.

We LOVE the way it turned out and are so thrilled with the support we received. We will definitely be doing this again! After all, who doesn't love a sale!!!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our table - we wouldn't be where we are without you!

Stay tuned for another giveaway (next week) and of course our monthly special!

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